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Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain services offered in the greater Evansville, IN area

If pelvic pain causes frequent problems in your daily life, you’re not alone: about 1 in 7 women have chronic pelvic pain today. Amanda Phelps-Jones, WHNP-BC, is an experienced board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner who takes your pelvic pain seriously. She works with you, meeting you where you are to find solutions that help you get back to your life. Call the Evansville, Indiana office or book your appointment online now. 

Pelvic Pain Q & A

What is chronic pelvic pain?

Chronic pelvic pain continues for three months or longer. Some women with chronic pelvic pain experience daily unrelenting pain, while others may experience pain in a more cyclical pattern, for example, severe pain only during their periods. 

Chronic pain can be highly disruptive, causing many women to cancel plans, miss work, and miss time with their loved ones because the pain is so debilitating. 

What causes my chronic pelvic pain? 

Chronic pelvic pain in women often originates in either the reproductive system or urinary tract. 

Reproductive system

Some common causes of chronic pelvic pain within the reproductive system include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

Other reproductive system disorders can also lead to chronic pelvic pain. 

Urinary tract

Pelvic pain that originates in the urinary tract can feel very similar to that which starts in the reproductive tract. Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and interstitial cystitis are just a couple of examples of urinary tract issues that can cause pelvic pain and burning. 

In addition, chronic pelvic pain can come from a problem within the bowels, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or chronic constipation. 

How is chronic pelvic pain treated?

No matter what caused your chronic pelvic pain or what it looks like, Amanda takes it seriously and takes the time to understand how it affects your life. She works with your needs and helps you find effective solutions within your budget. 

Pelvic pain may require medication tailored to the condition that causes it, such as drugs that stop bladder spasms, antibiotics for infections, anti-inflammatory pain relievers or hormones to help regulate your menstrual cycle. 

There are also other types of treatments, such as pelvic floor therapy and bladder exercises, based on the cause of your pelvic pain. As a board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner, Amanda can provide all these treatments on an outpatient basis. 

In some cases, for example, where nonsurgical treatments fail, and you’re living with severe chronic pelvic pain, Amanda may recommend a surgical procedure, such as laparoscopy, to diagnose and treat endometriosis simultaneously.  If she feels it is in your best interest to seek surgical management, she will offer you a referral to a gynecological surgeon of your choice.

At Amanda Phelps-Jones, WHNP-BC, you’ll get compassionate care from a provider who truly understands pelvic pain and its causes. Call the office or click on the online scheduler to arrange your first appointment today.